Hello, I'm Jaume Balmes.

I'm a father, a lover, a hiker, a commuter and trekking cyclist, a freethinker, a consultant for a big spanish publisher, the managing director of the first and only —for now— professional-focused conference about publishing in Spain and the founder of El Taller Editorial, a small high-level consultancy for the publishing industry based in Barcelona.
Since 2008 I am working as a consultant and teacher in publishing and graphic arts, helping companies and professionals to be happier.
As a standards enthusiast I'm a business member of the W3C and, when i'm not in Barcelona, you will find me in some publishing related events around the globe.
Probably I will not agree with you in a lot of things, and is ok, that's the richness of the human being, let's discuss passionately about everything, let's be human.

© Photo by Maica Rivera